Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memphis Summer Chess Camps

July 9-13 & July 23-27

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Tropical Smoothie Café, Upstairs
1779 Kirby Parkway

We will be hosting two Memphis Chess Camps this summer, during July 9-13 and July 23-27. It will be taught by Sam Brownlow and Rafi Chowdhury. As always, we welcome players of all strengths - from fresh beginners to hardened veterans.


To ensure that each student receives individual attention from both teachers, space is limited to 20 campers per week. You can reserve your child's spot today by registering below via PayPal.

Camp Registration:
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*9-9:30 Freeplay: an informal tournament, offering all the campers a chance to warm up and get to know each other.
*9:30-10:15 Opening Instruction: advanced students will learn a new opening each day, while our beginner students are coached on opening basics and general strategy.
*10:15-11 Opening Tournament: students will have a chance to gain hands on experience with their newly learned opening as they battle it out in a tournament.
*11-12 Middlegame Instruction: lessons will be mostly puzzle-based, which teach a player how to look for tactical opportunities and "see the board".
*12-1 Lunch Break: you are free to take a break from chess, relax your mind, and enjoy the company of fellow campers. Students may play handheld videogames during this hour, play casual chess, or enjoy other board games supplied by us.
*1-2 Endgame Instruction: students will be taught everything from basic to advanced mating strategies and other winning combinations.
*2-4 Chess Variant/Tournament:
         + Monday - Team Tournament
         + Tuesday - Fischer-Random Tournament
         + Wednesday - Individual Tournament
         + Thursday - Bughouse Tournament
         + Friday - Doubles Tournament


*Students are free to bring a sack lunch or purchase something from Tropical Smoothie.
*Before/After care can be provided on an as-needed basis for those parents who can't make the 9 a.m. start or 4 p.m. pickup. Just contact us ahead of time and we will work something out.
*Students may bring handheld videogames to play during the lunch break, although playing chess is highly encouraged :-) But in many cases it may help him/her unwind from deep chess thinking, so it is allowed during this hour ONLY. Other activities will also be provided by the camp.
*If you have any questions, please contact Sam Brownlow at 901.487.4279

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